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Airbnb aspires to create a world where everyone can belong anywhere. That means visiting cities not as travelers, but as locals. “Hosted Walks” tapped into Airbnb’s passionate network of New York City hosts to help travelers do just that. See how Airbnb used search to unlock the best local spots. “One of the things that’s…

No matter what platform you build on, or who your audience is, Amazon has tools and services for you. Click on one of the topics below to get started, or, if you have questions or want to go straight to submitting an app, start here. via Getting Started – Amazon Apps & Games Developer Portal.

Smashing Magazine. With the recent announcement and release of the Retina Macbook Pro, Apple has brought double-density screens to all of the product categories in its current lineup, significantly

iOS 4 Fonts Poster I was wondering what the currently supported fonts for the iOS 4 devices are and therefore put together a simple app that lists and displays all of them in a table view. For a convinient