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Scuba dive video of Andrew Tidy and Team Keelhauled diving the wreck of the Thomas Hume in Lake Michigan Chicago at a 145' of frigid water.

The Thomas Hume, which was operating in the lumber industry, transported lumber from Muskegon to Chicago. One day, the schooner went missing with six men aboard during a squall on Lake Michigan on May 21, 1891.

The three-masted schooner Thomas Hume was built in 1870 as the H. C. Albrecht by Joseph Hanson in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. The vessel was named for her first owner, Captain Harry C. Albrecht who sailed the boat in the early 1870s. The Albrecht was 132 feet in length with a 26 foot beam. In 1876 she was sold to Captain Welch of Chicago, who sold her to Thomas Hume and Charles Hackley in Muskegon, Michigan a year later.

Among many theories that arose over the time of the disappearance was that the captain sailed to another port, re-painted the Thomas Hume and took it for his own. Another theory was that a much larger steamer ran down the schooner and the steamer’s captain swore his crew to secrecy. This wreck now rests at 145 feet below water.

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I pretty much live in the water. As a Marine Mammal and Shark diver at the Shedd Aquarium, I am lucky enough to be on the dive team for aquarium conservation. As a certified Dive Master and Tec. Diver I spend my time exploring the majestic shipwrecks of Lake Michigan. Please see some video footage of these haunting wrecks.

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